Who am I?

Hello there,

My name is Alisa Lindberg, owner and designer of Alisa's Originals. I design unique, meaningful jewelry for people who are seeking truth, finding their way, striving to heal & longing to empower themselves.

I believe in the healing energy of crystals and gemstones. I also believe what gives them their power is YOU. By recognizing your stone's power and setting your intention, you are creating the MAGIC yourself. 

My studio is located in the Sonoran desert of Tucson, Arizona, where the azure blue skies and crimson sunsets are a constant source of inspiration. 


I have been collecting beads and honing my craft for the last 3 decades. Beading and designing is my meditation, my calm, my outlet, my joy. I love making jewelry and I love wearing it. 

I strive to make unique, pieces that bring joy, inspiration and style.

Shop the collection to find a beautiful piece that speaks to you.