Hill Tribe Silver, also known as Thai Silver is the name commonly used for handmade beads, pendants and findings made by Tribal Villagers in Northern Thailand. Unlike sterling silver, Hill Tribe Silver generally consists of 98-99% pure silver, making it amongst some of the highest quality of silver in the world. Thai silver is known for its iconic flower design which represents the spirit, heart and mind. This tradition of bead making has been passed down from generation to generation. The renowned silversmithing skills of the Hill Tribe people is  famous for producing high quality silver beads that are exported all over the world.

14k Gold-filled pieces have the same appearance as high carat gold. Even with daily wear, they can last decades. The process used for gold filled items wears much better than gold-plate or even gold-electroplated items. Gold filled jewelry is the next best thing to solid gold.

Sterling Silver will tarnish, but can be brought back to its original luster with a polishing cloth. All items come with a disposable polishing cloth. Use it until it turns black on both sides and then dispose of it. (I order mine through Amazon)