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Alisa's Originals

Rise Up Earrings

Rise Up Earrings

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AAA quality gemstones here. Representing the first 3 lower chakras.  All hand wrapped on gold-filled wire. With elegant gold half hoops. (from top to bottom)

Root chakra, (red) Ruby-represents Love and commitment helps with grounding

Heart chakra, Pink Tourmaline represents self love & compassion

Solar Plexus chakra, Citrine- (yellow) faceted and clear represents energy, joy & prosperity.

Sacral chakra- (orange) Carnelian-represents courage, confidence & strength

Root chakra (red) Garnet represents trust, commitment & love.

All encouraging you to rise up to your inner self's highest standards

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Inspired by nature

My studio is located in Tucson, Arizona where there is no shortage of inspiraton. Azure blue skies year round and amazing sunsets almost nightly are the norm here in the Sonoran Desert.