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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Dream Necklace

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Dream Necklace

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 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Dream Necklace - Mined in Globe, Arizona, this stone represents the open Southwest sky,  promotes inner peace and emotional calm, deters mood swings, encourages creative problem solving, and improves communication. This communication is both with yourself and others, breaking down walls you have built up in your mind. 

 About 14k Gold-filledUnlike solid gold jewelry, gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold that is bonded to a base of another metal, such as sterling silver or copper. While gold-filled jewelry is typically less expensive than solid gold jewelry, it is very durable, looking shiny and new even with decades of wear.  

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Inspired by nature

My studio is located in Tucson, Arizona where there is no shortage of inspiraton. Azure blue skies year round and amazing sunsets almost nightly are the norm here in the Sonoran Desert.