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Yellow Sapphire and Super 7 pendant Necklace

Yellow Sapphire and Super 7 pendant Necklace

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Yellow Sapphire and Super7 pendant with Blie Opal drop Necklace. 
Brilliant Yellpw Sapphire beads are subtlety graduated and hand-knotted. A Super7 pendant is the centerpiece. Super 7 is a rare crystal moned only in Brazil. It is a combination of Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, and 5 other minerals. It is known as a metaphysical powerhouse.

A blue opal drop is a special surprise that hangs from the clasp. makig this necklace adjustable by one inch.

 ~ Yellow Saphire is known to boost self-confidence and open the Solar Plexus chakra

~ Super 7- pendant enhances spiritual growth, intuition, and psychic abilities.

~Blue Opal drop 

~14k gold -filled claps and accents

-measures 22”

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Inspired by nature

My studio is located in Tucson, Arizona where there is no shortage of inspiraton. Azure blue skies year round and amazing sunsets almost nightly are the norm here in the Sonoran Desert.